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S2000 Build

Engine Specs:

              Rockstar Garage/Laskey built F22 Motor blueprinted to OEM specifications

  • CP Pistons (12.5-1 C/R)
  • Carillio Rods
  • ACL Race Bearings
  • OEM f22 crank
  • Benton Sleeves

Built head by Rockstar/Laskey

  • Brian Cower valves/springs/retainers/keepers
  • AP2 Cams

Engine Modifications:

EVS 70mm exhaust

Radium Dual Catch cans

CSF Radiator

Rockstar Garage test pipe

Modified OEM intake with APR Naca duct By 3rd Gear Customs

Hondata Stand Alone ECU, Tuned by Rockstar Garage

APR cooling Plate

Renegade Coolant overflow tank



cars weight without me in it and a full tank


              S2000 WiseFab Grip Kit

             Rockstar Garage Spec Feal 443 Coilovers

              TB Performance Products front and rear strut bar

              Stoptech C43 front BBK

             Stoptech C42 Rear BBK

Shorai light weight battery and custom bracket

Karcepts Rear sway bar


              Voltex Type 7 Swan neck

              APR front splitter

              OEM CR lip

              EVS Carbon bumper cap

              OEM Hardtop

              Trackspec Motorsports hood and fender louvers


              Rockstar Garage Roll Bar

Recaro Pole Positions

              Schroth Enduro 6 points harnesses

              Personal 350mm steering wheel

              Re-Enforced Buddy club super low rails

              Racebred Shift knob

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  1. What clutch and flywheel are you using. Also are you running the stock differential?

  2. did you use any wheel spacers in the front and the rear with the C43, C42 and T-S5 wheels? if you did, what size wheel spacers, please?

    much appreciated.

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