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About Me

If you would rather listen to my story, I was featured on a podcast where I go into detail here:

I have always loved cars, even since I was a kid, I would sift through the old motor trend “buyers Guides” and memorize car models and information, often dreaming of which cars i would own one day. I would try and impress my parents by naming makes and models of cars on the highway as fast as the past us by.

My Love for driving came from a different part of my life, when I would sneak out of the house with my Moms 2003 Honda S2000 to go create mischief and perform (what I had thought to be), sweet skids.

Image result for s2000 suzuka blue 2003

I purchased my first car shortly after my mom sold her s2000, at the time I had a thing for Volkswagens, so i bought a 2007 VW Rabbit. I did all the typical DIY modifications to it. But always lusted after something, more.

Que the entrance of the first performance car I ever owned, a 2012 Volkswagen Golf R, and yes the picture above is my actual car, that VMR used to market wheels back in 2014. this car is what got me into the track scene, my first track day was Fastivus 2014, (an all VW R track event hosted by Speed Ventures at WSIR). this is what opened my eyes to performance driving applications, and was a very humbling experience. i did 2 track days with the Golf R before I traded it in on a 2014 Audi S4 Manual:

cruising with some friends with the S4.

this car was, well not that inspiring, i took it to auto cross once or twice, and it was clear this was not a race car, and i finally made the decision to buy a car that i could compete in Time Attack with, so i purchased my 2003 S2000:

the day I picked it up and drove it from San Francisco.

i started to autocross the car immediately, and it all went downhill from there, fast forward to 2018 and the car now looks like this:

For more information regarding the car and its build list/ transformation, go read my build thread!

Now, back to me, after a few track days, I fell in love, always tinkering and trying tot get the car (and me) faster and faster. I started competing in a organization called the S2K Challenge and things really started to take off, i learned so much from the guys that have been racing these cars for years! (for more info on the challenge and what it is, click the link:

After getting my feet wet in the time attack community, I couldn’t stay away from it, the people, the cars, the competition, were so great! I had to get faster! 

So, I continued to go to over 40 track days in the year of 2017, some weeks going 3 times, I was lucky enough to get hired by Fast Toys ( a LA based exotic leasing company that hosts 10-12 track days a year) to be a part time instructor, which has its perks. I was encouraged to drive students cars, and to bring my own for lead follow instruction as well as ride-a-longs. This, for me was a dream come true, I was driving Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, McLaren’s, Porsche’s. this gives me a very unique perspective, because not only have I driven lots of exotics, but I drove them on a full fledged road course, not an autocross.

With all of those track days under my belt, I started getting faster, I started reading up on engineering and fluid dynamics. I listened to podcasts on the way to work every morning. Trying to learn everything I could about driving, and how to tune race cars. I used this information and tuned my own car, as well as a Porsche 911 that is now in the hands of my father ( who still uses it at the track fairly often)

Fast forward to December 2018, I finished first overall for the 2018 S2K Challenge season, in the most crowded and competitive class (modified class) and I took a dive into content creation with the site your on now! please bear with me as this is my first venture into writing and website creation, but it will all get better with time! 

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