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S2000 1:52.81 at Buttonwillow 13CW

Lap breakdown and how Rockstar Garage made it possible

I’m not one to typically claim records (for the most part) but I’m damn happy with this lap. and it would never have been possible without the help and support of Justin, Johnny and Adan of Rockstar garage.

I wanted to give a quick breakdown of where the car was at at the time of the lap. this is to both, reduce confusion. and to help clarify why I did what I did.

The Lap:

The Tires:

Tires were brand spanking new 245/40/17 Hoosier A7 mounted on Titan 7 wheels that are 17×9.5.

I know what your thinking, Hoosiers, and I get it. They are sticky as hell, but truth be told, they are not too far off of A052, as I have found out on this journey to be the one of the fastest N/A S2k’s on 13CW. but that will be another post for another day.

The Brakes:

Pagid RS2 and RS3 brake coumpounds for the Stoptech C43 Front BBK and Rear C42 BBk link to purchase those here:

The Stoptech BBK can be sourced from Rockstar garage. tell them you heard about it here and they *may* give you a killer deal. 😉

The Engine:

This is a big one for a lot of people, people always scream “cheater engine!” here is the facts.

I have a stock intake, stock headers and stock spec head. I did a separate motor write up here:

This dyno was given on race gas (e90 ignite) I never use this gas, as its over 10$ a gallon, but with e85, i recon my car makes 235 WHP-ish. on this same dyno, we have measured certain cars with the right combo of header and intake, making more power then that, on a stock F22.


Voltex Type 7 Swan neck

Racebred Splitter 3 inch CR, with no front diffusers ( I ran into some issues and needed to re-spring the car to continue using them, so i decided to not go down the rabbit hole of changing my suspension) that exact splitter can be purchased here:

The Chassis:

I removed nearly all of the interior to get the cars weight down as little as possible, I also removed the A/C. And lost 36 lbs dieting over the last 3 months.

That brought the weight down to around 2790 with me in the car. still; a bit high. but I still had functional windows, and 100% stock body panels.

I did a separate VR video during the lap so you can look around in the cabin here:


Feal 443 (Rockstar Garage spec) and Wisefab Grip kit most definitely helped me achieve this lap. you can tell how easy my car is to control using these suspension components together.

Everything else is unchanged from my previous build sheet.

I Hope this shed some light on the lap. and see below for official Timing proof.

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