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New Pagid Brake Compound for S2000

Brake pads are often overlooked by the average HPDE weekend driver, they often go with what ever is in stock, or whatever their fast buddies use.

While this can work safely, it isn’t optimal, the best way is to utilize data analysis. Unfortunately this can get very expensive and time consuming, often paying for multiple sets of pads and track events. But luckily for you. I go to the track far to often and eat through brake pads far more then I should, thus resulting in oodles and oodles of juicy data to compare, I’ve used popular S2000 chassis pads such as Rysbestos St43, Project Mu Club Racer, Stoptech SR33 to name a few. And most recently, Pagid reached out to me to provide feedback on a new set of pads they were developing specifically for the S2000 on the new C43/C42 stoptech BBK (my opinion, the best all out track BBK out there for the s2000).

I agree to work with them with the expectation of my honest feedback, good or bad. So far I have had these on the car for about 7 track days ranging from Chuckwalla, Streets of willow, Autoclub speedway, Las Vegas Motor Speedway and most recently the legendary Weathertech raceway Laguna Seca.

The pad bite initially is good and confidence inspiring, it seems to wear well and not chunk apart overtime, some of my other pads have not worn well towards the end of their life.

In the time that i have been running the pads, I have set two class records, won 3 S2K Challenge competitions.

are you ready to geek out a bit? now before I get into data, it is common knowledge that braking G force is based more on tires then the pads themselves. So keep that in mind when we dive into the good old geek pasta.

Above you will see a Longitudinal G force data graph, the black line is the Pagid brake pad and the red is Raybestos ST43, both lines are using the 255/40/17 NT01 tires on my s2000 this graph is from buttonwillow 13CW

This graph is the same comparison but at Autoclub Speedway, which in my opinion ( and the general consensus in California) is the hardest track on brakes, with a NASCAR banked turn going into a 40 mph left turn. Resulting in a 135 mph =====> 40 MPH braking zone.

What this allows me to do is analyze the data along with the pedal feel to come up with a conclusion on which pad is better suited for the chassis.

The Results:

I have found that two of the most important parts of pads are brake feel and fade characteristics. Though I did achieve greater Peak G loads with these pads, there are often too many variables to use that as the only source ( tail wind, tire condition, draft, dirt on racing surface, etc.

The pad feels great through the pedal range. It gives less initial bite then the ST43, and even more feel and modulation then the Project Mu club racer. These pads will now be my go to pad of choice moving forward in the S2K chassis due to their modulation and durability.

These Pads are now available after a long wait through Stable Energies



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