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F22 High Compression Build With Rockstar Garage

                It has been fairly common knowledge that Honda knew exactly how to make the perfect high revving inline 4 for the s2000, and it’s incredibly difficult to squeeze any more power from it.

                The most common way has been Forced induction. This option was never really on my radar due to the increased costs of consumables and needed maintenance.

Dustin Dessero after his 1:48 lap at Buttonwillow 13CW

                I’ve never been on a quest for more power in the s2000, its incredibly balanced for what it is, and has been reliable for me, considering the amount of abuse and track days I give the car every year.

                I had a minor issue at Laguna that caused me to take a look further inside my motor to discover that I had glitter in my oil pan ( I sure sign of premature bearing failure) so I decided to play it safe and perform a rebuild on the motor.

                I purchased a brand-new OEM short block from Honda for a rainy day like this, but when it came to pull the trigger on putting that pristine block in a race car that will likely tear through it in 2 years made me sick.

                I spoke with the team at Rockstar garage about options, and it just so happened that Justin had a long block with a semi experimental build sheet that he wanted to get rid of since he went turbo in his personal race car. This was a typical RSG built block with the exception of one thing. The motor had an odd ball compression ratio of 12.5-1, which is only slightly higher than the JDM C/R and slightly lower than the 2.4 stoker kits of 13.5 / 14-1.

                We were unsure of the results, but I decided to hang on to my OEM short block for now and maybe post it up for sale on Bring a trailer later this year. If you know someone who would be interested in this email me @ MSRP was around $7,000 and these are no longer available last time I checked.

                The car needed some parts to make this motor work, most of which consisted of E85 modification requirements. We need a Surge tank that we sourced from Science of speed, larger injectors and a stronger fuel pump to make everything work in harmony.

                The motor itself consists of:

Golden eagle sleeves

Brian Crower rods

CP pistons (12.5-1)

Acl race bearings

Balance/ polish crank

Blueprinted cylinder block

A 3-angle valve job was done to the head, along with a Brian Crower Valvetrain.


Now, on to the moment you all have been waiting for! The Dyno sheet!

The tune was performed by Derrick of Subzero / DTTuned. On a Dynojet, for the purpose of research we tuned it on ignite E90 race gas (abut $10 a gallon ethanol, most likely not what I will be racing with)


Once the break-in is complete, we will re-dyno and retune for flex fuel (for use of pump 91 and e85)

First impressions so far, the motor feels very strong, for reference, my Ap2 motor (new from honda) made 226 WHP on this same dyno in similar weather. Utilizing the same stock intake and exhaust. in fact here is the dyno sheets on top of one another:

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