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Racing Simulator Build Introduction

I get a lot of requests for my Racing Simulator build information. This will be the first of many blogs on my constant build that always seems to be worked on and perfected. This build is about 4 years in the making, and I started with an old $700 computer and a Thrustmaster wheel that I bought at Costco in 2015. Here is a photo of that first rig:

My friend and fellow driver Alex trying the Sim out for the first time

I then updated to an actual chassis from GT omega it was cheap and effective, and most importantly, let me use a custom seat (I chose an s2000 seat before I actually owned my s2000, fun fact) here is a photo of that:

I used that chassis with VR and dropped some decent cash on a better wheel setup. Then came the major upgrade in 2018: motion.

new vs old

Fast forward and here is where I am at now:

With a constant build list that keeps on growing, here are the specs as of June 2019


                D-Box Motion GP-pro 200

                                This chassis is the single most interesting piece of my sim rig. Its tough to find information online, but this was made in 2008, and I purchased it used in 2018. New the MSRP was around $18,000.00, I paid a fraction of that. It helps that is was over 10 years old. But it didn’t really have many hours of use, as the last owner didn’t really sim race. And only used it for movies watching (the chassis is essentially a D-Box movie chair modified to be used with video games.

                The best part of this chassis is the support from D-Box, it still gets updates and new games, all free. And the software is what separates it from the CXC rigs, it seems much more precise and higher quality.

                Though I can’t find any of my chassis online for sale, D-Box now provides software and actuators to many Sim racing companies, here is an example by Vesaro:

These are incredibly expensive, but as I tell most people that try my simulator, motion is not necessary, and it often makes you slower due to being tossed around while attempting to drive. More realistic? Absolutely. But more difficult as well. Here it is in action:

 Moving on, the next most important piece, the screen. I chose a Samsung CH90 49-inch Ultrawide as my main way to race. Its 32:9 aspect ratio makes it perfect for racing in a proper POV (Point of View)

I also have a VR in the form of a Vive pro, which I enjoy from time to time, but have found it clunky to set up, and difficult to use for most people. It is hands down the most immersive you can get, and when paired with the motion, its shockingly realistic.

The Wheel and pedals that came pre-installed into the D-Box Chassis is a Logitech G27, I modified the chassis by installing:

                Fanatec CSW V2.5 wheel base with the universal Wheel hub/Advanced magnetic paddles from Fanatec.

Fanatec V3 inverted pedals with load cell for the brake. I further customized the pedals by adding the advanced braking kit, and adjustable throttle damper.

A Sparco/ Thurstmaster E brake. (a must for rally/drifting)

The engine that drives everything, My custom PC that I built:

clone tag: 6121499444075530383


EVGA 1080 Ti Hybrid

i7 (coffee lake)

32g DDR4 Ram

MSI godlike motherboard

2TB m.2 SSD hard drive

NZXT H700i case

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