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Racebred Components Splitter Installation

When I first met the guys at Racebred, I knew that there would be some great product offerings, from their design of the splitter mounts, to the simple, effective and affordable splitter blades (made from high quality Marine Birch) overall enthusiastic approach to Motorsports. Most importantly, cheap to replace (around $250.00)

CAD Designed & CNC Cut/Beveled Blade made out of resin-impregnated birch honeycomb material
Quick release design blade mounts

I am a fan of these mounts for two reasons:

1.) They allow a car that is driven on the street to easily remove the splitter after a track day, so their lives can be much easier if they want to visit their local Arby’s drive through without having the constant fear of bottoming out and ripping off the splitter. making the transition from Mod class S2K challenge car to street car, that much easier.

2.) Testing! this allows a data geek like myself to swap out splitter blades for testing, for example: I have a 4.5 inch splitter with custom tunnels. I want to see if at a high speed course like autoclub if the increase downforce/drag is good…or bad.. so I can bring a spare blade and swap in a normal 3 inch splitter and compare data from the same day. Also, this allows buddies at the track to swap blades just as easily, and perform the same comparisons.

Installing my Racebred Splitter:

My old APR splitter with rods and Rockstar Garage mounts
test fitting the new blade without diffusers

First impression on unwrapping the plastic, wow, hard to believe this is available at this price point. and this particular one, is massive! 4.5 inches in front of the CR lip on my S2000. The Cut-outs are made for my splitter tunnels that I purchased from Professional Awesome.

First step was to install the tunnels onto the splitter. so after a quick trip to home depot, I picked up some hardware. ( full disclosure, this process was a bit rushed because I had a track day the next day, and the car needed to be at CSF that same day so the car can be shown at Eibach meet at autoclub.)

After that process, fitting it up was easy as pie. Fitment was spot on with the brackets, and I LOVE that fact that I can install the top part of the bracket and the slip on the splitter blade with the quick release

I did decide to maintain the rods on the side. due to the increased downforce to be expected from the size and tunnels.

I have one track day with this set up thus far, and have had good results, i have found that I’m able to keep the throttle on all through the playground at Autoclub speedway, were as before I would need to lift before. I, of course will need more then one day of track use before I give my honest opinion on it. and of course I’ll need more data! but in the meantime, I love the splitter! and results show that it makes the car faster thus far.

Please Visit Racebreds website for more information, or to place an order.

Splitter Tunnels were sources from Professional Awesome:

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