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2018 GT350 First Impressions

This car has done nothing but surprise me every single time I drive it. The turn in, the mid corner control, the power delivery, is absolutely mind blowing, and not only for a mustang, but for any automobile made today.

I’m going to get a lot of crap for this next comparison… but this drives very closely to a S2000…. 8250 RPM redline, great gearing, and power delivery so linear that its almost to a fault, and fast on track out of the box. If you read that above statement with no context, you would swear I was talking about a s2000.

Yes I am fully aware that the car weighs nearly 900 lbs more then the s2000, but it hides that weight very well. And yes, its fast af, so that helps too.

Track Day Number 1

My top speed was an AIM verified 152 MPH on the front straight at autoclub. And keep in mind, this is on the stock michelin pilot super sports. And because I had both the S2000 and the GT350 at that track day, seat time was limited as I had to find a new PB in the S2000 and test a few parts that have gone into the car since the last time i was there (more on that in a different write-up)

I had 3 laps in the GT350 and my first impression was, wow this thing has great feedback, dynamically its turn in and corner control was damn near the same as a Hurican Peformante that I had driven earlier in the day.

In my first time ever in the car, and with my father as a passenger, i was able to put down a 1:56. and was thoroughly impressed. feel free to listen to my giggling and watch my dads squirming, here:

Track Day 2, Autoclub Speedway

Today I left the S2000 at home and wanted to give my best shot at a decent 100% stock laptime to use as a baseline for the build. Drove the car there, and it was comfortable, quiet when I wanted it be, and has all of the modern amenities: Android Auto, comfy recaros, and suspension that was ultra comfortable on the highway and felt great once i put it in track mode (at least on the Stock PSS tires)

My goal was to beat my s2000 PR of 1:53.3 there. And I went above and beyond that with a Stock GT350 record of 1:51.8 (AIM Verified)

Car was predictable, fast and extremely fun. the only downside is the weight, its hard to catch, and once it goes, its gone. although that could be the tires not doing their job. see here:

And because im sure you all want to see the inside view of that “oops” see here:

but once you get the hang of it, its a bit easier to manage, just different in the tank of a car.

and finally here is some footage of me having fun and enjoying the roar of that voodoo V8

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