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S2K Challenge Round 3, Chuckwalla Raceway

I left my home in Temecula at 4 AM, giving myself 2.5 hours to get gas, and get to Chuckwalla

Obligatory “look how early i’m up!” Instagram story
New series door cards, and wheels that are just damn perfect

The weather forecast was going to be substantially hotter than the weekend before.

Combine this with the tire rules being more stringent then last weekend’s event, I figured I was going to go slower on my NT01’s vs my Yokohama A052 from last weekend’s VTEC club event.

Turns out, I was wrong. My first session I went out and brought a 1:59 lap. I was so jazzed I screamed in my video (below)

Car was still a bit hard to get over this corner without over-steer, but it made for great photos!

I took a celebratory lap to cool everything down before tying for that solid 1:58, but unfortunately I went ham on turn in for turn 4 and pushed off of the course causing one of my brand-new Titan 7 T-55’s to drop off about 6 inches of curbing.  Footage of that here:

Photo of my new wheels before they got beat up on track

I decided to play it safe and come off track to make sure I didn’t just destroy my brand-new wheels or de bead the tire off the wheel. But as it turns out, everything was fine.   

All I did was damage my new Titan 7 Decal!

Recap for session 1:

Modified Class:

Kevin Burke: 1:59.936

Ryan Delgrosso: 2:00.966

David Palmer: 2:02.110

Charles Kuhnau: 2:05.996

Michael Tsay: 2:07.550

Albert Castro: 2:09.136

Fernando Muga: 2:13.063

Street Class:

Michael Guyette: 2:06.247

Paul Ghuman: 2:06.704

George Sangster: 2:17.938

Stock Class:

Rick Purcell: 2:18.765

As you can see in the qualifying session, the competition was going to be fierce! Both Ryan and I PB’d that first session and David had just installed new JRZ’s on his car he was trying to sort out, and in 4th place we had the Titan 7 shop s2000 doing “parade laps”. Which must be code for hauling ass, as 2:05 is a fast parade lap.

Ryan Delgrossos Mod Class car and mine.
Davids Mod Class s2000

And in Street class, we had local Michael defending his turf from Paul.

Michael’s S2k

Second and third session are the competitive sessions for this series, this creates a more even playing field, as temps should be more consistent in those sessions.

Our pit area

It seemed almost immediately after we got on track the sun came with a vengeance, and track temps became very hot, very quickly. I think we all knew that we would all be going slower from this point forward.

Recap for session 2:

Modified Class:

Kevin Burke: 2:01.082

Ryan Delgrosso: 2:02.268

David Palmer: 2:02.778

James Yang: 2:05.027

Albert Castro: 2:05.366

Charles Kuhnau: 2:06.509

Fernando Muga: 2:10.008

Street Class:

Michael Guyette: 2:06.265

Paul Ghuman: 2:08.308

Ivan Zarate 2:13.242

George Sangster: 2:15.552

Stock Class:

Rick Purcell: 2:14.202

                Despite the hotter weather, we had many improvements made by George, Albert and Fernando! And Mr. consistent Michael Guyette put down time that was within a tenth of a second from the first session, which tells me that he drove much better in the second session even though temps were higher.

George’s Street Class car

Recap for session 3:

Modified Class:

Kevin Burke: 2:02.630

Ryan Delgrosso: 2:03.012

David Palmer: 2:03.659

Michael Tsay: 2:04.946

James Yang: 2:07.072

Albert Castro: 2:05.783

Charles Kuhnau: 2:06.509

Fernando Muga: 2:10.389

Street Class:

Michael Guyette: 2:07.143

Paul Ghuman: 2:08.669

Ivan Zarate 2:12.084

George Sangster: 2:17.371

Stock Class:

Rick Purcell: 2:17.104

As the day got hotter, everyone slowed down quite a bit with a few exceptions, but the end results were:

New awards provided by Primer 3d. and stands that are 3D printed!
Modified class Podium
Street Class podium

In the bonus session, I was able to give a ride along to a good friend of mine Josh, who just purchased an s2000 in order to compete in the series! So, I wanted to take him for a quick spin and we both had a great time. See below for some highlights:

Also, in the bonus session, Michael Guyette was able to break into the 2:05’s with an impressive lap time of 2:05.984!

and here is some bonus footage of me playing with a Mclaren in session 3 of the day, after i gave up on going faster and just wanted to have some fun!

As always, I want to thank all our sponsors and especially thank Titan 7 wheels for coming out and supporting the event in person and bringing their cars to the race track for same fast parade laps!

See you all at Las Vegas for round 4!

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