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S2K Challenge Round Zero: Dyno and Weigh in

One of my biggest reasons that I think that the S2K Challenge is the best Club racer level competitive driving is the strict, point based rule set. In that rule set, we have a minimum weight requirement for each class. This were most competitive Club series fall apart, how do we enforce the rules when we don’t have unlimited funds to pay for onsite dynos and scales? The answer: Get sponsors to help.

Rockstar Garage has been hosting round zero for its 3rd year in a row for the series. With their expertise in S2000 race cars ( they have more shop track time then any other shop in California in the past 2 years) its a perfect fit. So major thanks for Rockstar for their continued support.

This year we are welcoming a ton of new sponsors to the series as well:

Back to the good stuff, we were able to weigh 10 competition cars, the following weights are vehicles competition weight (Driver inside the car) and dyno most of the competitors ( a few had diffusers that stopped us from being able to safely strap them down)

Michael Guyette’s street class car weighed in at 2894 lbs and Dyno’d at an impressive 229 WHP in his AP2 and ended up being the strongest dyno of the day!

Next up we have George Sangster in his Street class grand prix white AP1, who put down 202 WHP and weighed in at an even 3000 lbs

Street class veteran Ryan LaFontaine weighed in at 2993 lbs and put down 216 WHP

Next up we had Dylan Huig who weighed in at a mere 2769 lbs, putting him in supermod class based on weight alone! but unfortunately, his car didn’t fair well on the dyno and put down a depressing 189 WHP. telling us that there is something wrong with his motor. Hopefully he can get everything sorted and have a healthy motor by round 3

Next up was supermod driver Chris Elders in his F24 stoker + Turbo s2000, which weighed in at 2780 and put down a modest 380 WHP on 8 psi of boost

Mod class veteran Ryan Delgrosso weight in at 2977 and put down 221 WHP, losing about 7 HP from last years dyno.

Mod class river Adan Calderon who is also known as my car twin, put down shockingly similar numbers to Ryan, with a weight of 2975 and making 220 WHP in his Spa Yellow AP1

Driver Kai Moon weight in at 2801, which means he will need to add some ballast to make minimum weight, and could not dyno due to a massive rear diffuser

Last but not least, 2018 Mod class champion Kevin Burke (Yours Truly) put down a weight of 2886 and a dyno of 226 WHP

Huge thank you to Rockstar garage, DT Automotive and Stoptech for coming out and supporting the series !

See you all at Buttonwillow March 3rd

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