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Wisefab S2000 Grip Kit First Impressions

Flashback to 2016, and we get a sneak peak at this gorgeous piece of engineering from Evasive Motorsports, with claims like “it completely changes the car” and “just when we thought there was no way to make the OEM double wishbone improved”. Now fast forward to 2019, you don’t hear anything about the kit. Most S2000 owners know it exists, but its one of those modifications that are so extravagant and with no real racer data, its a hard pill to swallow for the $6,650.00 MSRP.

From my sources, I have confirmed that Rockstar Garage have sold and installed numerous kits in Southern California, but where are they?

Sadly it seems nearly every one of them have been on street driven S2000’s

Well until I purchased a kit from Rockstar Garage in Ontario, CA.

Seeing this kit in person, your perspective changes from “how could they charge that much for” to “how did they design, manufacture and engineer this for only” its that good.

The installation process is involving, not at the fault of Wisefab, but at the design from Honda. the kit requires new hubs and bearings, as OEM bearing design is pressed in and you should not re use bearings and while your in there, you might as well add ARP studs as well.

Johnny from Rockstar Garage making the final adjustments
rear kit installed

So what is the point of this kit? the theory is simple, lower the ride height as much as possible to lower the center of gravity. This is done in part by improving Kinetics (the study of how forces effect mechanisms) in order to provide OEM handling characteristics at lower ride height. They then redesign the rear toe angles so in compression you don’t get dynamic toe change. It also adds an essential bump steer adjustment nut, so you can tune it any way you prefer, and for an added bonus WIsefab gives you high quality Spherical bushings and the new CNC aluminium hubs help shed nearly 4 pounds of un-sprung mass in each corner. Un-sprung mass is what determines how quickly you suspension moves. So in basic theory the lighter the un-sprung mass the easier time your suspension will have maintaining a good contact patch in rough track surfaces. And last but not least perhaps one of my favorite changes. A slightly increased steering ratio ( I love quick steering). so in an AP1, the rack is very fast with the wisefab.

Wisefab Front Kit
Wisefab Rear Kit

Does your brain hurt yet?

The short version of theory is that its supposed to make you faster. More on that now

Track Day 1: Gridlife Streets Special

I know, testing this kit at a competitive event for the first time isn’t probably the best idea. But I had little time and I really wanted to see what this kit does.

It is regretful that I ran an insanely sticky tire (Yokohama A052) so my data will be skewed, so lets ignore the fact that I did a 1:23.2 at streets CCW. making a new record in an N/A s2000 at that course. And instead lets talk about the driving dynamics and handling characteristics.

The car handled beautifully! Turn in was crisp and precise, I didn’t think I would notice the increased steering ratio. But to my surprise I did and I loved it.

The sphericals of course removed any slop in the suspension and the car handled as if it was at stock ride height. Even though it was slammed so far down that my tires rubbed the front frame of the car.


Track Day 2:

Thermal Club GT Circuit

I will write more on thermal soon, it is an amazing course that few have the opportunity to drive on.

The GT circuit is all three of the courses linked together

I’ve been at this course before, on a comparable tire this time, so I can make a fair lap-time comparison, Last year on Maxxis Rc-1s and Feal 441 coils I was able to get a lap-time of 3:05.54 (its a huge track). see that video below:

Now this year, with the WiseFab and Feal 443’s i was able to shave off 7 full seconds for a new S2000 lap record at thermal of 2:58.6

There are many things that changed in the S2000 in that year, so I cant give all the credit to the Wisefab kit. But the data cant lie, and the data says I’m going faster

So, the testing thus far has shown great results from the Wisefab kit, 2 track days and both have netted new track records for the s2000 and I don’t regret making the jump to be one of the first heavily tracked S2000’s in Southern California to install it.

if your interested in purchasing the Kit, please Contact Rockstar Garage as they have the most experience with the kit and have the best pricing that I have found.

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