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2019 Rules


Section 1: Classing Rules

Section 2: Classing Points System

Section 3: General Vehicle Regulations

Section 4: General Regulations

Section 5: Challenge Event Procedures

Changes for 2019 in red.




Tow hooks or marked tow points are required for all entrees.


The S2K Challenge and Speed Ventures, Inc., strongly encourage the use of a roll-bar, FIA-Approved 5-point harness and bucket-seat (now abbreviated R/H/S). All Speed Ventures safety requirements apply.


The following items are not permitted in the S2K Challenge.

Nitrous oxide systems.

Removal of vital safety equipment such as bumper beams, roll-hoops or airbags without R/H/S, etc.

Ballast weights on an AP2 chassis (except in Super-Modified Class).


The purpose of this class is to keep costs down and be attractive to a newcomer with a completely stock S2000. Drivers of all experience levels are welcome.


Vehicles with total Classing System points of 0.5 or less may compete in the Stock Class.


Tires are restricted to TW 140+ and no larger than 235/40/17 front and no larger than 255/40/17 rear.


The following modifications are not allowed in Stock Class

Level 2 Front Aero.

Level 1+ Rear Aero.

Level 1+ Rear Wing.

Lightweight aftermarket parts. (Replacements for OEM parts that are less than 90% of the weight of the OEM component)

Aftermarket body panels.

Any interior removal (unless necessary for safety equipment).


If a Stock Class driver opts to install a hard-top and remove the soft-top and associated hardware, he must retain the spare tire to make up the weight discrepancy.


The Street Class is designed to allow moderate modifications to a primarily street-driven car, as well as allowing CR owners the ability to truly “arrive and drive”.


Vehicles with total Classing System points greater than 0.5 and up to 3.5 points may compete in the Street Class.


Minimum weight for Street Class is 2850 pounds with driver.


Level 1 R-Compound Tires are permitted in this class.


The following modifications are not allowed in Street Class:

Level 2+ Front Aero

Level 3+ Rear Wing

Forced Induction

Level 2+ R-Compound Tires


Modified class cars are still street cars and can be driven to the track but compromises have been made to go faster. Aerodynamics, R-comps, and loss of interior ameneties is common.


Vehicles with total Classing System points greater than 3.5 and up to 7 points may compete in the Modified Class.


Minimum weight for Modified Class is 2800 pounds with driver.


Level 2+ R-compound Tires are prohibited in Modified Class.


Super modified cars are no longer daily-driven and are commonly trailered only race cars.


Vehicles with total Classing System points greater than 6.5 points and up to 12  points may compete in the Super-Modified Class.


Minimum weight for Super-Modified Class is 2700 pounds with driver. Participants in this class may use any ballast weights in any chassis (AP1 or AP2).


R-compound Tires are permitted in Super-Modified Class.


Pro class is for shop cars, cars so heavily modified they do not fit anywhere else, and drivers holding a FIA, WEC or other professional racing license (check with board if you suspect your license will place you here).


Vehicles with total Classing System points greater than 12  points or drivers holding a FIA, WEC or other professional racing license may compete in the Pro Class.


Minimum weight for Pro Class is 2700 pounds with driver. Participants in this class may use any ballast weights in any chassis (AP1 or AP2).


R-compound Tires are permitted in Pro Class.



2-1.1 Aerodynamics

0.25 Level 1 Front Aero: aftermarket front bumper or any aftermarket or CR lip (must

not have splitter built-in)

0.50 Level 2 Front Aero: full front aero package (anything more than a simple lip or

bumper, can include any spats and canards)

0.125 Canard Set (each set L/R, if not combined with L2 Front Aero)

0.125 Spats only (each set L/R, if not combined with L2 Front Aero)

0.25 Level 1 Rear Aero: rear diffuser

0.50 Level 2 Rear Aero: full underbody tray with diffuser

0.125 Vented fender

0.125 OEM-style hard-top (includes Mugen/Mugen replicas)

0.25 Spoon-style hard-top

0.125 Aftermarket or modified rear bumper

0.125 Vortex generators

0.25 Aftermarket rear spoiler or OEM rear wing

0.50 Level 1 Wing: CR wing or smaller

1.50 Level 2 Wing: APR GTC-200, Voltex 1S wing or smaller

1.75 Level 3 Wing: Any adjustable wing bigger than APR GTC-200/Voltex 1S

2.00 Level 4 Wing: Any multi-element wing or active wings

0.125 Risers or wing mounts taller than default mounts (applies to Level 1-2 Wings)

0.125 Gurney flap (applies to any Level 1-2 rear wing)

2-1.2 Wheels and Tires

-1.00 Any street tire TW 240+ (v12, T1R, DWS, etc)

0.00 Any street tire: TW 140-220 (RS3, RS4, Z2, AD08R, RE11A, 595RSR, etc)

1.00 Level 1 Street tire: RE71R, Rival S, Sur4G (Mid-season tire releases are classified as Level 1 street tires)

0.50 Level 1 R-compound tire: (100-139TW) RC1, NT01, RA1, R888, A048, PSC, R888R)

2.50 Level 2 R-compound tire: (<100 TW) R6, R7, V700, R1, Trofeo R, C51, A052R) This level is for DOT race compounds

4.00 Level 3 R-compound tire: (<60 TW) V710, A6, C71/C91, A7) This level is for DOT qualifying/autoX compounds

0.25 235 Front tire size

0.50 245 Front tire size

0.75 255 Front tire size

1.00 265+ Front tire size

0.25 265+ Rear tire size

variable Aftermarket wheels. See table for wheel-size points.

Wheel Size Points Table

Front Wheel Size

2-1.3 Power and Engine

0.00 OEM AP2 2.2L Engine

0.125 Fuel with ethanol over 40% (I.e. E85 or E85 mixes), or race fuels (100 octane and up)

0.125 Any aftermarket intake system or modification to OEM intake (includes cooling plate)

0.125 Any aftermarket header

0.25 Test-pipe

0.125 High-flow catalytic converter

0.125 Cat-back exhaust

0.25 Non OEM Camshafts (Including updating or back-dating)
0.25 Aftermarket internals resulting in other than OEM compression ratio (remember to take fuel points if your motor requires higher octane fuel with raised compression)

0.75 Displacement increase (take once for each 0.1 litre above 2.2 litres, so 2.4 Is 1.5 points)

3.0 Forced Induction, must take separate penalties for ECU, intake, and header as applicable

0.25 Aftermarket ECU, ECU reflash, or OEM ECU mismatch (example: AP2 motor with AP1 ECU, VAFC or Emanage)

2-1.4 Suspension

0.50 OEM CR suspension

0.50 Aftermarket lowering spring up to 450 lbs/in with OEM non-CR shocks

1.00 Aftermarket lowering spring up to 500lbs/in with any off-the-shelf non-adjustable

CR shocks or 1-way adjustable shocks. No 2.5” Race springs or threaded perches

1.50 All adjustable dampers/coilovers (Adjustable means damping OR spring height / ability to corner balance).

2-1.5 Drive-train

0.25 Non-OEM LSD

0.00 Non-OEM Final Drive

2-1.6 Free Modifications

0.00 Any lightweight parts that do not also enhance performance by improving power,

aerodynamics, handling, etc.*

0.00 Vented Hood

0.00 Any interior removal as long as it does not compromise safety*

0.00 Any alignment, camber kit, bump steer kit, tie rod end, roll center adjuster

0.00 Any bolt-on chassis braces

0.00 Updating or backdating OEM parts, unless otherwise noted in this document

0.00 Aftermarket steering wheel: only if R/H/S are installed for driver

(otherwise prohibited)

0.00 Passenger airbag removal: only if passenger seat is removed, or R/H/S are

installed for passenger (otherwise prohibited)

0.00 Aftermarket brake systems, brake ducts

0.00 Any OEM or aftermarket sway bars

0.00 Any spacer on aftermarket wheels

0.00 AP1/AP2 OEM and APR front lip and OEM rear spoiler (if you believe your

aftermarket lip is cosmetic only, you must receive prior approval from the

S2KC Committee*)

0.00 Aftermarket flywheel, clutch, pressure-plate

0.00 Aftermarket Intake manifold or throttle body

0.00 Gutting of OEM airbox, any aftermarket intake filter

0.00 Upgraded valve-springs and retainers

0.00 Oil-catch can, oil baffle pan

0.00 Up to 50-pounds of ballast weight for AP1 chassis cars, which must be securely

bolted in the passenger compartment. If the passenger seat must be removed to

accomplish this, up to 85 pounds of ballast weight may be used.

* If you are unsure whether your modification violates these rules, you must talk to a member of the S2K Challenge Committee and receive prior approval before using these modifications. If you are found to be in violation after the fact, you will be disqualified from the event.




The S2K Challenge is open to all Honda S2000 vehicles from Model Years 2000 – 2009.


Participants in the S2K Challenge are subject to all safety equipment requirements indicated on the Speed Ventures Tech Form.



All tires used in the S2K Challenge regardless of class must be readily available to all competitors through traditional and normal retail outlets.


Tire Shaving is permitted in the S2K Challenge.


Aside from Tire Shaving, it is not permitted to treat tires used in the S2K Challenge with any form of compound, chemical, liquid, substance or mechanical process to enhance the characteristics of the tire.



Fuel Cells are not required in any class but Competitors in Super-Modified and Unlimited Class have the option of using them under the conditions listed in this section.


Fuel cells must be commercially manufactured and meet at least FIA specification FT3. The bladder must have a printed code indicating the name of the manufacturer, the specification to which it has been manufactured and the date of manufacture. Fuel cells must contain fuel cell foam to a minimum of 80% of the enclosed volume.


Entrant must possess proof of fuel cell certification. A copy of certification must be provided the first time a vehicle is registered for a S2K Challenge Event.


Fuel cells become obsolete five years after date of manufacture and must be replaced. The fuel cell may be inspected and recertified by the manufacturer for an additional five years.


All fuel cells must be fully enclosed in a container made of metal with a minimum .035” thickness.


An external fuel surge tank may be used with a maximum capacity of one gallon.


All fuel cells, surge tanks, fuel pumps, and fuel fill lines must be separated from the driver by a metal bulkhead or enclosure. The bulkhead or enclosure must be reasonably sealed with no gaps.


All fuel cells, surge tanks, fuel pump installations must be approved by Speed Ventures Competition Officials.



Replacement of driver and passenger seats with an alternate seat is permitted. See class-specific rules.


If a fixed back race seat, adjustable back race seat, or an OEM seat is used in conjunction with a race harness a harness bar or roll cage/roll bar is required. The harness must be securely mounted. If clip type fastening is used the “clips” must be pinned or wired to prevent release. The lap belt must fit low and tight across the waist and the shoulder straps must be mounted within a 25 degree angle measured as they come off the driver/passenger shoulders.


The OEM 3-point seat belt may be used with a race seat if the OEM 3- point belt fits correctly across the hips and chest of the occupant, with no slack in the belt.


If a 6-point (or more) roll cage is installed, a race seat and proper race harness must be used.


It is recommended that FIA approved seats be used.


It is recommended that SFI or FIA approved race harnesses be used.


The Schroth brand four point harness with ASM Technology is approved to be used without an anti-submarine belt.



Components that have no effect on performance may be freely changed or deleted unless specifically covered elsewhere in the rules. Speed Ventures Competition Officials will have sole authority to determine effect on performance.


Any modification that is considered unsafe by Speed Ventures Competition Officials will not be allowed on track.


A tow hook or strap must be installed on at least one end of the vehicle and SHOULD be installed at both the front and rear. If identification of the tow hook or strap is not obvious to safety personnel it must be clearly marked with a sticker or tape. OEM screw in hooks are permitted.


No classes in the S2K Challenge require vehicles to have a fire extinguisher. Installing one is optional.


If a Competitor chooses to have a fire extinguisher on board while on track, it must be mounted within reach of the driver while normally seated. The mounting bracket must be securely fastened to the vehicle and made of metal with a quick release type mechanism. Plastic and aerosol type cans are prohibited. Sheet metal screws will not be considered secure mounting. Fire extinguishers must meet at a minimum 1A10BC multipurpose, ammonium phosphate and barium sulfate or Monnex; 10 BC potassium bicarbonate (purple k) or sodium bicarbonate; Halon 1301 or 1211 2 lb, ABC dry chem 2 lb.


An onboard fire suppression system is highly recommended and may be installed in lieu of a fire extinguisher.


All safety requirements are required to be met during all sessions run with S2K Challenge, including practice and qualifying sessions.


All drivers and passengers must wear a Snell SA2006, FIA Certified 8860-2004,

SFE 31.1A-31.12A-31.1/2005 or better helmet while vehicle is on the racing surface.


All drivers and passengers are strongly encouraged to wear a fire resistant head sock or balaclava. Drivers and passengers with long facial hair are required to wear a fire resistant head sock or balaclava.


Unless required by class rules, all drivers and passengers are required to wear at a minimum long pants and long sleeved shirts made of cotton or flame-retardant material. It is highly recommended that all drivers and passengers wear fire resistant underwear. Use of fire suits is highly recommended.


All hoses carrying fuel, engine cooling water, or oil that pass through the cockpit must be shielded hose with bulkhead fittings. No hydraulic fluid lines may have quick release connectors inside the cockpit.


Brake lights must be operational.




The S2K Challenge Regulations are effective upon the date of publication by Speed Ventures, Inc. Adherence to these regulations is required of all competitors and it is the Competitors’ responsibility to stay current with published rules. The most up-to-date version of these S2K Challenge Regulations can be found at or


The regulations and classifications listed herein are uniformly applicable to all events in the S2K Challenge series.


Speed Ventures Competition Officials present at a given S2K Challenge Event are the initial arbiters and interpreters of these regulations with ultimate authority granted by the sanctioner of the S2K Challenge, Speed Ventures, Inc.


For the sake of timely and decisive outcomes, the interpretation and application of the S2K Challenge Regulations by the Speed Ventures Competition Officials present at the event shall be deemed final at the conclusion of the Awards Ceremony, as indicated on each event’s printed and posted Event Schedule.


The close of competition for a given event is determined to be 30 minutes before the start of the Awards Ceremony as indicated on the particular event’s printed and posted Event Schedule. Except at the discretion of Speed Ventures Competition Officials, neither protests nor appeals will be heard or considered after the close of competition.


All S2K Challenge event Participants (defined to include competitors, team members, officials and crew) expressly consent to be governed by the determinations and interpretations of these regulations made by Speed Ventures Competition Officials present at the event.


The Participants further agree not to initiate or maintain litigation of any kind against Speed Ventures, Inc. or anyone acting on behalf of Speed Ventures, Inc., (including Speed Ventures Competition Officials) to reverse or modify these regulations, their interpretation and determinations made by Speed Ventures Competition Officials or to seek or recover damages or any other relief as a result of these regulations, their interpretations and determinations made by Speed Ventures Competition Officials.


Participants who initiate or maintain litigation in violation of this covenant agree to reimburse Speed Ventures, Inc., and/or Speed Ventures Competition Officials for the costs of such litigation, not limited to court costs and attorney’s fees. Participants further covenant that any litigation brought against Speed Ventures, Inc., and/or Speed Ventures Competition Officials, for any matter related to these regulations, will be tried before a judge of competent jurisdiction and hereby waive any right to trial by jury action.


The S2K Challenge Regulations are intended to ensure that Events are conducted in a manner that is as fair as possible for all Competitors and consistent with the need for prompt and final determination of competition outcomes. On occasion, circumstances will be presented that are either unforeseen or are otherwise extraordinary, in which strict application of the S2K Challenge Regulations may contravene this goal. In such rare circumstances, Speed Ventures Competition Officials, as a practical matter, may make a determination regarding the conduct of competition, the eligibility of a Competitor, or similar matters that are not contemplated by or are inconsistent with the S2K Challenge Regulations. Every effort will be made to honor the spirit and intent of these S2K Challenge Regulations to provide the most equitable and legitimate determinations and interpretations.


At any given event, Speed Ventures Competition Officials may determine the necessity for specific and additional regulations supplementing these S2K Challenge Regulations. Any Supplemental Regulations shall apply to the conduct of that event if they are communicated to all competitors by means of posted bulletins, telephone calls, faxes or drivers meeting announcements.


All Participants and Competitors are required to read and understand the S2K Challenge Regulations detailed herein. By signing an Official Event Entry Form, Participant warrants that he or she has read, understands and assumes responsibility for adherence to these regulations.



Automobile racing is an inherently dangerous sport. Each Participant (defined as competitors, crew, officials and support staff) assumes that risk when he or she participates in a S2K Challenge Event. The risk of serious injury or death cannot be eliminated and, in fact, will always be present at a high level. Participants are required to advise their spouses and next of kin, if any, of this fact. Although safety generally is everyone’s concern, Speed Ventures, Inc., cannot be and is not responsible for all or even most aspects of the safety effort.


All Participants are obligated to inspect the racing facilities, safety personnel and equipment, and conditions at the track on a continuing basis before, during, and after the Event. Competitors must promptly report any inadequacy in the facilities, personnel, equipment, or conditions at the track.


Participants are solely and directly responsible for the safety of their vehicles and racing equipment and are obligated to perform their duties (whether as a competitor, driver, or crew member) in a manner designed to minimize to the degree possible the risk of injury to themselves and others. S2K Challenge neither can or will be responsible for the adequacy of a competitor’s vehicle, racing equipment, or racing activity to accomplish this purpose.



All drivers participate only at the discretion of Speed Ventures, Inc. Speed Ventures, Inc., reserves the right to exclude or disqualify any driver for ability and or condition of vehicle if either are deemed potentially harmful to other participants, in violation of S2K Challenge Regulations or incompatible with fair and equitable competition.


All persons competing in the S2K Challenge must meet the following conditions:

A. Driver must have completed, before the first day of competition, a Speed Ventures track event in the White (beginners) Group or equivalent on-track driving experience with a recognized organization.

B. Driver must be at least 16 years of age.

C. For drivers under the age of 18, parent or Legal Guardian must either sign the Minors Release in the presence of Speed Ventures personnel or submit in advance a signed and notarized copy of the Minor Release.

D. Drivers must be in good physical condition as determined at the sole discretion of Speed Ventures Challenge Series Officials.

E. Drivers must be in good mental health and state of mind and deemed capable of racing at the sole discretion of Speed Ventures Challenge Series Officials.


Drivers may be required to submit to one or more physical examinations by a qualified physician, at the Drivers’ expense, to determine driver’s fitness to compete in the S2K Challenge.


Drivers must Execute and deliver to Speed Ventures, Inc., such authorizations, releases, applications, consents, waivers and other documents as may be required by S2K Challenge Regulations.



All Participants assume full responsibility for any and all injuries sustained, including death and property damage, anytime they are in the racing areas or en-route thereto or therefrom. Each Participant acknowledges that his or her spouse and next-of-kin have been advised that Participant understands the high risk of serious injury or death which may result from racing, and that the Participant solely assumes all such risks.


Registration to compete in the S2K Challenge is available online via our website: Registrations are subject to all regulations and requirements, including but not limited to cancellation policies, posted and detailed as part of the Speed Ventures Event Registration process. Event Pre-registration via the Speed Ventures website does not constitute a complete entry to compete in the S2K Challenge unless an Official Entry Form is submitted in the Competitor’s name by the close of Registration of a given event.


S2K Challenge Official Entry Forms will be made available prior to each event as well as at morning Registration the day of each event. It is the Competitor’s responsibility to verify the accuracy and completion of information included on the Official Entry Form before signing it and submitting it to Speed Ventures Competition Officials.


If a Competitor enters an Event without having properly submitted a fully-executed Official Entry Form, the Competitor by such entry nevertheless agrees that he or she is subject to all S2K Challenge Regulations, amendments, and Supplemental Regulations, as well as all statements, releases and obligations appearing in the Official Entry Form, as if he or she had properly submitted a fully-executed Official Entry Form.


Each Competitor, by entering a S2K Challenge sanctioned Event, grants to S2K Challenge, its duly authorized agents and assigns, an exclusive license to use and sublicense his or her name, likeness and performance, including photographs, images and sounds of such Competitor and/or any vehicles(s) with respect to which the Competitor competes in S2K Challenge sanctioned Events, in any way, medium or material (including but not limited to television, satellite signal, digital signal, film productions, audiotape productions, transmissions over the Internet, public and private online services authorized by Speed Ventures, Inc., sales and other commercial projects, and the like) for promoting, advertising, broadcasting, recording or reporting any S2K Challenge sanctioned event before, during and after such event, and each Competitor hereby relinquishes to S2K Challenge exclusively and in perpetuity all rights thereto for such purposes.


In consideration of S2K Challenge Sponsors’ contribution to the success of the S2K Challenge, S2K Challenge will specify class sponsor decal identification in standard locations on each car for each S2K Challenge class. This identification must be used in an unmodified form and located on the car per the direction of Speed Ventures Competition Officials.


Speed Ventures, Inc., may approve or disapprove the content, placement and size of any advertising, decal or sponsorship identification for any reason. Speed Ventures, Inc., may refuse to permit any Competitor to participate in an Event if Speed Ventures, Inc., determines that any advertising, sponsorship or similar agreement to which the Competitor (or a car owner, driver or crew member related to the Competitor) is or will be a party, is detrimental to the sport of automobile racing, to S2K Challenge or to Speed Ventures, Inc., for any reason.


Speed Ventures, Inc., may require an event decal and patch to be displayed in standard locations on the car and driver’s uniform. Owing to existing decals, patches, vehicle skins or other considerations, Speed Ventures Competition Officials may selectively enforce this requirement without resulting in the disqualification of individual competitors.


By submitting a signed Official Entry Form, competitor grants to Speed Ventures, Inc., and its assigns rights to likenesses, images, etc., as set forth in this Section.



All cars, car parts and equipment are subject to inspection by Speed Ventures, Inc., at any time and in any manner determined by Speed Ventures Competition Officials. All decisions by Speed Ventures Competition Officials regarding the timing and manner of inspection as well as which cars, car parts or equipment will be inspected, are final and not subject to review or appeal.


Final determination of vehicle eligibility and applicable specifications for an event, as set forth by these regulations, will be made by Speed Ventures Competition Officials. Such determinations may be made at any time before, during or after the Event.


A Competitor must take whatever steps are requested by an Speed Ventures Competition Officials to facilitate inspection of the car.


If a Speed Ventures Challenge Series Official determines prior to the competition that a car, or any installed equipment, fails to meet the applicable specifications, that car will not be allowed to compete unless, at the discretion of the Speed Ventures Challenge Series Official, the deficiency (a) is deemed inadequate to cause ineligibility; (b) will not provide the competitor any competitive advantage over other drivers; (c) will not adversely affect the orderly conduct of the competition. An allowance made by Speed Ventures Competition Officials for a given event does not reverse ineligibility indefinitely. Driver is expected to rectify the deficiency before subsequent events.


Drivers of cars deemed ineligible by Speed Ventures Competition Officials for competition by virtue of setup or attached equipment may be allowed to drive in the competitive format of a given event but under an invalid Entry. Such drivers are not entitled, except at the discretion of Speed Ventures Challenge Series Official, to participate in the competition.


Vehicle Disqualification from competition by Speed Ventures Competition Officials shall not be open for appeal past the Close of Competition, determined as 30 minutes before the start time of the Awards Ceremony as listed on the printed Event Schedule. If the Speed Ventures Competition Official validates an appeal, the formerly disqualified or invalidated Competitor’s lap times recorded during the sessions of the competitive format of the given event can be considered in the determination of the event’s outcome.



Each Competitor will specify a Classification under which they will compete. The determination of the appropriate Classification, based on the specifics of these and any Supplemental Regulations, is the responsibility of the Competitor. Improperly classed vehicles are subject to protest by all other Participants and subsequent disqualification by Speed Ventures Competition Officials. Classifications are to be made based on the following General Vehicle Regulations and the specific Regulations of each separate Classification: Stock Class, Street Class, Modified Class, Super-Modified Class and Unlimited Class.




Each event will begin with a period for Registration at which Drivers and Competitors get their Run Group assignments and receive the schedule for the day’s events. Drivers who have not Pre-registered to drive in the event can register at this time if there are spaces available.


The format for a given Event’s S2K Challenge will be determined by Speed Ventures, Inc., and announced at the Drivers Meeting. An S2K Challenge can take one of several forms including “Fast Time of the Day” (FTD), dedicated Time Trial sessions or competition-only low car-count sessions, among others.


Speed Ventures, Inc., adheres to strict target car-counts for every run group at every venue. Once the appropriate run group is full, there will be no additional entries into that group. Drivers are not permitted to run in groups that are not appropriate to their experience level. Competitors are advised always to pre-register for events in which they expect to compete.


An event schedule will be printed for each event and furnished for Drivers at Registration. While Speed Ventures Competition Officials will make every effort to operate sessions as scheduled, unforeseen changes to the schedule may be necessary and Drivers are responsible to keep abreast of changes, as announced, in order to participate in their assigned sessions.


All Participants are expected to attend mandatory Drivers Meetings at the start of a track day.



In order to compete in an Event, an Entrant must submit and have approved an Official Entry Form for the Event, required by S2K Challenge for Participants to be able to Compete and figure into the outcome of a given S2K Challenge Event. This form must be completed and submitted no later than the close of the Registration period as indicated on the event day Schedule.


Drivers must attest to the fitness of their vehicle with a completed Tech Form. This form can be completed in advance or obtained and completed the morning of the event. A Tech Form does not replace an Official S2K Challenge Entry Form. The Driver/Entrant will attest to and sign the form stating the vehicle is track ready and free from any mechanical defect.


It is the responsibility of the Entrant to obtain the appropriate Official Entry Form, and to ascertain and abide by all applicable deadlines and instructions. The active distribution of such forms to Competitors by Speed Ventures Competition Officials does not relieve them of this responsibility.


The Entrant must complete the Official Entry Form for the Event in full and submit it at Registration of each event in which participant intends to compete. Official Entry Forms submitted after the completion of the morning Drivers Meeting will be accepted only at the discretion of Speed Ventures Competition Officials.


Drivers must be paying, registered participants in each given event. While there is no requirement as to how many sessions a driver must run, he or she must have paid the fee attendant with a complete track event. Drivers paying for individual “a la carte” sessions on track are not eligible to compete.


Acceptance of any entry is at the discretion of Speed Ventures Competition Officials and Speed Ventures, Inc.


All drivers must attend the mandatory Drivers Meeting prior to entering the racing surface. If a driver is late or is unable to attend the drivers meeting the driver must meet with the Speed Ventures Competition Officials before entering the racing surface. Drivers are responsible for acting on all information provided during the Drivers Meeting.


All Competitors must attend the mandatory Competitors Meeting if one is held in addition to the Drivers Meeting. A Competitors Meeting will be indicated on the day’s Event Schedule or may be announced later if necessary. It is a driver’s responsibility to attend the Competitors Meeting whether scheduled in advance or announced during the event. If a driver is late or is unable to attend the Competitors Meeting, the driver must receive a dispensation from Speed Ventures Competition Officials or their entry into Competition may be invalidated. Drivers are responsible for acting in adherence with all information provided during the Competitors Meeting.


If a Pre-Grid is being implemented, all competitors are required to take their position on Pre-Grid at the designated time, typically 15 minutes before the start of a given session. Drivers arriving fewer than 10 minutes before the designated session start time should not enter Pre-Grid as they will not be allowed out at the start of the session. Late arriving drivers may be held until the majority of the initially released group of drivers complete at least 1 timed lap and possibly more. Under every competitive format, it is the Competitor’s responsibility to arrive either on Grid or at Pre-Grid, ready to drive, at the designated time.


Contingent on the Competition format of a given Event, certain actions on track can result in either Disqualification (DQ) or a failure to finish (DNF). Expectations for driver conduct will be explicitly detailed during the Competitor’s Meeting and must be adhered to in order for a Competitor’s results to be considered in the Event outcome. Speed Ventures Competition Officials will outline these expectations of conduct in the case of “offs”, debris on track, lap impedance, impound and more.



An officially designated S2K Challenge Scorer will be responsible for Timing and Scoring of the Event. Results as determined by the S2K Challenge Scorer will be considered final unless contravened by any other enforcement of Regulations by Speed Ventures Competition Officials.


An AMB transponder-based timing and scoring system will be the official and exclusive time and scoring system. Results generated by the system and certified by the Official Scorer for the Event are the only official results.


All vehicles are required to carry a properly affixed or installed AMB Transponder compatible with the system deployed by S2K Challenge for capturing lap times. It is the responsibility of the Competitors to ensure that the transponder used (whether rented from Speed Ventures, Inc., owned by the Competitor or procured another way) is operating properly during all sessions and that timing results appear for completed laps. Any missing or unreported laps must promptly be brought to the attention of the S2K Challenge Official Scorer who will act to diagnose and rectify the problem with the Competitor’s assistance.



If a registered Competitor believes that another Competitor has or will obtain a significant unfair competitive advantage by some action that the Member believes is in violation of the S2K Challenge Regulations, the entrant may protest such action to Speed Ventures Competition Officials. Perceived violations brought to the attention of Speed Ventures Competition Officials will be pursued at the discretion of Speed Ventures Competition Officials according to the regulations listed herein and any Supplemental Regulations.


Protests will only be heard until the end of Competition, determined to be 30 minutes before the start of the Awards Ceremony as indicated on the day’s schedule of a given Event.

A. Any protest that a Competitor’s car, car parts or equipment do not meet the specifications for the Event must be received prior to the scheduled close of Pre-Event technical inspection for the relevant Event.

B. Any protest against a Competitor’s sporting rule violation during qualifying or a race must be received within 30 minutes after the official completion of the qualifying attempt or competition.


As of publication of this draft, no fee will be charged for protests lodged. (Speed Ventures, Inc., will revisit this rule at any point in the series if the frequency or nature of protests lodged requires it). Note that any costs associated with the verification of any violation will be borne according to the rule that follows this one.


Investigation of matters of protest by Speed Ventures Competition Officials may, in some cases, incur additional costs (engine teardowns, vehicle weighing etc.). In the presence of these costs, both the Protesting Party and the Competitor being protested must each provide for the total costs required to investigate (this includes the $10 fee charged by Speed Ventures to weigh a vehicle). At the conclusion of the investigation when a determination is made by Speed Ventures Competition Officials as to any violation of rules, if a violation is discovered, the Protesting Party will be returned the amount they paid for the investigation. If no violation is discovered, the Competitor being protested will be returned the amount paid for the investigation.


Speed Ventures Competition Officials present at the event will first decide whether the matter is subject to protest. If the matter is deemed subject to protest, Speed Ventures Competition Officials will consider any pertinent conditions and evidence and render a determination as promptly as possible and inform all parties to the protest of any decision. The determination of the Speed Ventures Competition Officials is subject to appeal but only if the appeal is made before the end of Competition. In determining whether or not the protest merits disqualification, the Speed Ventures Competition Officials may take whatever action he or she deems appropriate to further the interests of fairness and reach a conclusive outcome. Such action may include, but is not limited to, revising the official race results, imposing penalties (disqualification, suspension and/or loss of finishing position), awarding or subtracting points or taking no action whatsoever.


If a Competitor has been deemed to have underrepresented his or her Classing System Points Total before the completion of all official competitive sessions of a given event, that Competitor may choose the following remedies:


Prizes and awards may be distributed after the result of any protest is determined, or in rare circumstances, at such later time as all protests affecting the results of the Event are resolved.


Any Competitor who makes a protest that, in the judgment of the Speed Ventures Competition Officials, is malicious or frivolous or otherwise presented in bad faith, may face penalty or sanction.


Decisions by Speed Ventures Competition Officials at the track involving race procedures are final and not subject to appeal or protest.


Determinations made by Speed Ventures Competition Officials present at the event will determine the final outcome of the competition. Further appeals may be made to Speed Ventures, Inc., but results certified and announced at the Awards Ceremony will be deemed final except in rare and extraordinary circumstances where additional determinations are warranted.


Each class has a minimum weight specification: at any point during the day, a competitor’s vehicle must meet that minimum weight with the driver in the vehicle.


If and when a competitor is found to be below minimum weight, he will be penalized 1 second for every 25 pounds he is under the minimum weight.


To account for possible scale-to-scale variation, at the time of his or her first minimum weight violation of a year’s S2K Challenge Series, the Competitor will not be penalized for the first 25 pounds but will be penalized for any subsequent violation.


At the time of a Competitor’s first violation of the minimum requirement, provided the violation is discovered before an Event’s competitive sessions are completed, Competitor may choose to forfeit all accrued lap times, rectify the violation by adding weight to the vehicle after which any laps will count toward that event’s result. This option is only available at the time of the first minimum weight violation of a year’s S2K Challenge Series. Subsequent violations will automatically incur the lap time plenty as outlined above.


One competitor from each group (Street and Modified) will be selected at random to be weighed at any time during an event. The probability of being weighed is directly proportional to the number of points a driver has accrued throughout the season (as an illustration, this is equivalent to adding each driver’s name to a hat one time for each point he has scored and then drawing from that hat at random). The top drivers have the highest likelihood of being weighed and drivers who have yet to score points will never be weighed. The $10 fee for mandatory randomized weighing will be waived by Speed Ventures.


Scales will be operated by Speed Ventures personnel or Speed Ventures Competition Series Officials. Participants in the S2K Challenge may be employed by Speed Ventures at a given event to oversee the weighing of vehicles under Speed Ventures’ direction. Speed Ventures will charge a fee of $10 to weigh a vehicle.



Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes will be awarded in each class at individual events even if 3 or fewer competitors finish.


S2K Challenge will award points based on the outcome of each individual event in a series. The drivers with the largest accumulation of points at the end of the series will receive prizes for First, Second and Third place.


A “Series” is constituted by a group of events, typically running over the course of a year, as posted on the Speed Ventures website.


A driver may earn points in only one car per class per event based on the Classing Declaration in the Official S2K Challenge Entry Form. Points from a given Event Result will only be included in the accounting of a single class in an individual series.


A Competitor’s best 8 finishes out of all events schedule in the series will count toward the finally tally of Championship Points in each class.


To qualify for year-end championship standings, a driver must compete in at least 6 events.


For each event, the following points will be accumulated:

1st place – 10 points

2nd place – 8 points

3rd place – 6 points

4th place – 5 points

5th place – 4 points

6th place – 3 points

7th place – 2 points

8th place or lower – 1 points

Competitors finishing lower than 8th Place will receive points equal to 8th position. To receive any points, a Competitor must participate in a Competitive Session or Time Trial designated for S2K Challenge competition. Competitors who either don’t finish a single timed lap or are disqualified will receive 1 point for participation in that event.


In the case of a tie, wherein multiple drivers record the same time within 1/1000th of a second, Competitors will each be awarded the number of points merited by the tied place finish.

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