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TB Performance Products Front and Rear Strut Bars

I approached TB Performance products to co develop some strut braces, because I believed he can make something that is functional, light and affordable. And he exceeded my expectations.

Strut bars are a hot topic for the s2000, many people claim that due to the excellent chassis, the s2000 would not benefit from any such modification.  

I have to disagree;

 No car is impervious to Chassis flex in a high performance situation, especially when you factor in R compound tires and modern Aerodynamics. Some cars affected less, and the s2000 is one them, it suffers from minor flex at the absolute limit, I know because I have felt the chassis flex, thus changing the alignment and creating a less then perfect situation when you are trying to set a hot lap. we are talking 1/8 to an 1/16 inch of flex in the front end, not a lot, but when people spend thousands on aftermarket parts for .05% drag reduction, or a few grams of weight reduction. why not give it a shot?

Initial impressions: 

Fit and finish are top notch, powder coating is fantastic, and clearances for OEM intake and K&N intake are precise.

 My initial impressions were good, the bar is simple, light weight, and fitment is so precise that the car needs to be up on jack stands to fit the front strut bar, and the rear is in fact lighter then the OEM rear strut bar!

The data for chassis bracing is incredibly difficult to show, the best way to test is to look at theory, and use what we feel in a car to show if the product is working. so off to the track I went! it just so happens to be the weekend of the Touge2Track willow springs event, I was invited to instruct, what a prefect opportunity to test the bracing? I can do a few hot laps, come in, make changes and no worrying about sessions.

There are a few turns that I was able to test (to my best ability) changes in chassis deflection, I utilized Big willow and streets of willow for the main testing ground, I believe these are the best road course to test due to its rough pavement (at streets) and bumpy fast and slightly terrifying turn 8 (in the s2000 my entry is 120+.

now I’m going to be honest, this is such a hard product to say “I instantly could tell a difference!” because I could not immediately tell a difference, so I went back to the pits and removed the front brace, and went back out for a lap or two. came back in, put it back on, and as far as i can tell, this helped the suspension work a little better, more predictable, less slop. 

I wish I had more data to show, or how this modification increased my lap times, but it did not. But then again, that is not what braces are for, they are for feel, predictability at the limit. anyone that says otherwise probably isn’t pushing the car to the absolute limit. 


I like them, and will be keeping them on my car, this is a modification that will help keep my lap times consistent, maintain more of my alignment specs, and when I eventually go spherical bushings, will do more for me as the only slop I will have is chassis flex (removing the slop in the oem bushings), thus having this modification be worthwhile now and even more so down the road.

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