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Development of the Rockstar Garage Spec Feal 443 Coilovers

16K/14K Feal 443 Coilovers in all of their glory

I’ve broken down my initial thoughts into sections below based on category and track tested on, so far this month I’ve been to Streets of Willow, Big Willow, Auto club speedway and Buttonwillow 13CW and 13CCW:

Track day 1: initial Impressions (streets of willow)

 Kit was WONDERFUL on streets of willow out of the box ( with the adjustments that were provided to me from Feal), it soaked up every little bump on that course, allowing for me to put my power down earlier and allowing for more precise control of the car under weight transfer and over imperfections on track, I had no complaints that day regarding the shocks. My only adjustment was adding 3 clicks of rear rebound because I felt the rear unsettle (slightly) a few times halfway through the bowl. 

Car would load up VERY well on entrance of the skid pad and exiting it I never felt the rough pavement. 

Exiting the bowl (going CCW), all of that rough pavement completely disappeared, I was blown away.

Track Day 2- Going Faster (Big Willow)

 This is where the kit felt a little low on compression, not bad enough for me to start messing with the car, but enough to notice that the high-speed compression could use a few clicks, I refrained from making adjustments (because I was actually going faster around the track then before) but noted my thoughts. 

Rear end danced a bit in turn 2, didn’t stay planted 

Car bounced a bit too much entering turn 8 (where it is super bumpy), but never felt like it was dangerous or excessive, just more then I’m used to, and more bouncy then the 441s that were provided to me to test.

Track Day 3- issues ( Autoclub Speedway)

 There are two ROUGH spots at autoclub, through the playground (the last turn) and turn 7-8 (through the chicane)

  My first lap out I gave a 488 owner a ride along and went 7/10ths, did a 1:56 and felt good, until the 2 rough spots, I bounced way more then I’m used to through the chicane, and I bottomed out in playground at a mid-corner bump.

   I then went by myself, full out, about 103 through the chicane I bottomed out, HARD, so hard that upon bringing my car to Rockstar for adjustments.

  In hindsight I do feel this was a preload issue, and less of a compression issue, because after we adjusted the preload and compression it felt like too much compression and I actually got air-born in the chicane.

I dialed the high-speed compression down 4 clicks and voila, no more air time. 

I finished the day counter steering a drift and hitting a bump causing the front fender to bend up a bit (no big deal, but it did show me the front could use a ¼ inch more preload, so I went hope and pretty much matched Odi’s (owner of Feal of pro drift driver) recommendations to RSG for my rear to the front, ( more preload ~ ½ inch and -4 high speed compression (from MAX) and -6 Low Speed compression.

Track day 4 -more adjustments (Buttonwillow 13CW)

• I love this track for many reasons, but it’s also a VERY good track to pick points and make shock adjustments based on that corner/bump, I used cotton corners, bus stop, and riverside as my controlled corner entries to make adjustments. 

Cotton corners

▪ Keeping my adjustments from autoclub, I tackled this corner with force, and actually ended up lifting inside tire over the crest, I made this adjustment • Reduced high speed compression in the rear by 4 clicks, and low speed by 2 clicks, and increased rebound 3 clicks

• I left the front unchanged the car started to feel better and I no longer lifted the rear, but still felt harsh o Bus Stop/riverside

▪ Bus stop is (IMO) the most important at BW 13CW, as it leads into riverside, so I had to make sure the car could go as fast as possible without upset, after my initial adjustments the car felt good, but I still bounced a bit further out then I would have liked. I then wanted a bit less speed compression to handle the weight transfer in riverside and rebound to keep the car down.

• I reduced the rear high speed compression another 4 clicks, and low speed another 2 clicks, I then cranked the rebound to MAX and went back 3 clicks ( I read its not good to run any adjustments fully closed, or else I would have run it all the way) • The fronts I reduced the high speed 4 clicks and low speed 2 clicks, and did the same -3 from max for rebound

▪ After those adjustments, the car stuck to the ground in every corner and on every crest, ( no more tire lift) and I was able to keep the power down over cotton and phill hill.

Track Day 5 – just drive ( Button Willow 13 CCW)

 My first time in this config, I didn’t make any changes to the suspension as I thought the compression was perfect, and I could give it more rebound.

 No issues all day with the suspension ( I had trans issues and a motor issue slowing me down the entire day) so I shut it down early.

Final Specs:

I finally have the kit where I want it, it took about 7 track days, but these are the settings i recommend them, for a car similarly modded to mine.

Front: 9/16 low speed compression, 10/16 high speed compression and 14/16 rebound.

Rears: 11/16 low speed compression, 12/16 high speed compression and 14/16 rebound.


 The kit as it sits, where I adjusted, feels fantastic, I think the real world compression swing is great, I really felt the difference with every 2 clicks. Very impressive

Potential Changes:

 With the current preload, the helper spring is completely compressed when the vehicle is in the air and may as well not be there, I would just remove it to save weight and reduce complexity.

I don’t pretend to be a shock expert, and I hope I don’t come across as such, I am just giving both of you my honest feedback about how the kit is ON TRACK, and as the kit sits, I’m very happy with it, and we will be dynoing this kit and matching the kits to copy this compression swing.

trackside coilover adjustment with the help of Rockstar garage
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