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StopTech C43 Kit for the S2000

I have had the pleasure of testing this kit out on about 5 track days now, and I feel that i can give an honest and thorough review. I upgraded from the ST40 Kit from stoptech, so I compare a lot of the features.

Regarding the kit itself:

It uses a lightweight C43 caliper and a DR21 pad shape  common to all race pad manufacturers, so you are not held to StopTech race pads. These pads have 11% more volume than the ST40 caliper pads
C43 weighs exactly HALF the ST40, coming in between 4.2 and 4.5 lbs depending on caliper options
S2K specific differential piston bores at 36-42mm
One-bolt Pad changes
The caliper is paired with a non-directional Pillar Vane 309×32 rotor ring, with a larger air gap to increase cooling efficiency
Rotor ring weighs 11 lbs and contains a non-directional slot pattern
Rotor replacement cost is $99.99
StopTech SR33 or SR34 race pads are included with the kit; not proprietary shape. Available from all manufacturers.
The hat is mounted to the rotor with our race float hardware allowing unrestricted thermal expansion

It looks the business, I really got a ton of complements and questions about it in the pits, braking felt more immediate ( after I swapped in the ST43 pads) and took a few laps to get used to it, once I did, it performed just as well as the ST40 kit. No complaints there

Pad changes on track in the pits was very fast and easy, just one bolt at the pads slide right out, love the design!

Regarding compounds:

Compound sent with the kit was nearly silent ( BIG win ) but unfortunately I felt it didn’t bite as hard as the kit does with the Raybestos ST43 compound that I swapped in later that day, the issue was that I would hit ABS after 3-4 laps and lose braking power (with the stoptech provided pads) where the Raybestos would never let up.

I swapped in the Raybestos pads and it made the same loud screech, even on track, it would quiet down after the pad was VERY hot ( 6-8 laps into the session) and then immediately squeal again when I went off track.

I ordered some Project Mu Club Racer pads, to test on the next track day, they are back ordered but I’m crossing my fingers that these may remove the noise issue ( I ran that pad on my OEM brakes and it made no noise)

Final Thoughts:

like the kit, it is the peak performance braking kit available for time attack S2000’s on the market today, and with the backing of a company as large as stoptech, you can be sure

The noise is not something I would want to deal with for a street car, this of course is not the fault of the kit, but the pad choice, but interestingly the same pad on the ST40 Stoptech BBk was silent.. maybe the weight of the caliper damped vibrations?

The kit is definitely a race kit, its ultra light, and very loud. In its current state, I think that it will be: ST40 kit for main street use cars, and C43 for the track day heroes and people that want the ultimate performance and weight reduction.

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